Setup Methods

WebMARA supports traffic interception and non-transparent proxy modes.

Traffic Interception

In traffic interception setup, the cache intercepts all network traffic transparently to the clients. Users don't have to configure the proxy in their browsers to be granted access to the Internet. At the same time users have to use the cache proxy and are not able to circumvent it.

Non-Transparent Setup

A non-transparent setup is of special interest as it enables usages of Internet access rules based on a per user/usergroup basis. WebMARA supports user and group authentication through industry-standard authentication methods. Among the supported methods are:

  • MS Active Directory with and without single-sign-on
  • LDAP
  • Digest LDAP (HTTP Digest Authentication with an LDAP backend)

Fully Transparent Setup

A fully transparent setup that uses the client IP addresses in requests to the Internet is not supported on WebMARA. If this is a requirement, then you are probably looking for our CacheMARA solution. CacheMARA is a dedicated solution for Internet Service Provider that supports fully transparent operation.