Access Control

WebMARA provides an easy and flexible way of regulating access to the Internet. By setting up access control rules, the access policy can be managed and implemented as fine-grained as needed. Rules can be based on

  • a simple or complex source type (client IP, IP ranges, networks and any combination of it)
  • user groups and single users (local or from LDAP or Active Directory)
  • IP- and domain destinations, as well as full regular expressions for destinations
  • uploadable destination lists that can be used as white- and/or blacklist
  • mime types
  • browsers (via the user-agent tag)
  • time schedules

Group based Access Control rules

Besides single values, WebMARA supports group based access control which enables a more complex setup with less access rules. Different single values (e.g. destinations) can be combined to a group, which then can be used as part of an access control rule. In general, rules can allow and block Internet access. This decision can also be made on custom content filtering policies that can be created if the optional content filtering is licensed.