WCCP Support

WCCP is a content-routing protocol developed by Cisco that provides a method to redirect traffic flows in real-time. It features load balancing, fault tolerance, scaling and service-assurance mechanisms. Furthermore it enables transparent caching with a WCCP-compliant router using Layer2 rewriting or IP-GRE encapsulation.

Combining CacheMARA with a WCCP enabled router allows easy and fully transparent caching cluster setups with up to 32 nodes.

If no WCCP enabled router is available, CacheMARA can instead be combined with any router that supports Policy based Routing (PBR). Alternatively it can also be connected with our product BorderMARA or with most of the other available third party load balancers on the market.

In many of our customer scenarios there was no additional investment needed for a special load balancer as CacheMARA could just be connected to the existing routers using PBR or WCCP.