Software Update Caching

Microsoft Windows Update Caching

The automatic Microsoft Windows Update mechanism can cause massive amounts of traffic and consume valuable bandwidth. One approach for companies is using a dedicated server with deployed Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) which retrieves the updates from the Microsoft server and distributes them among all clients. But this is not possible in an ISP environment. In an ISP environment most windows updates are downloaded individually again for every computer connected to the Internet. CacheMARA has a builtin option to cache Microsoft updates when requested by the first client. Each subsequent request is then served with the cached content, which reduces the consumed bandwidth and traffic dramatically. Usually CacheMARA can serve 90% and more of the Windows Update traffic directly from the cache without contacting the Internet.

Antivirus Update Caching

All Microsoft Windows installations today should run an updated Antivirus service because of security reasons. This means that almost all clients of an ISP regularly download automatic Antivirus pattern updates. CacheMARA has builtin support for caching those updates which helps to reduce traffic and bandwidth a lot.