Cache Cluster

A cache cluster provides several benefits in contrast to single boxes. A router or load balancer in front of the CacheMARAs can evenly distribute the requests among the appliances in the cluster, enabling the cluster to serve considerably more requests than a single box. With a cluster also comes increased reliability. A hardware failure of a single box leads to a denial of service, whereas a hardware failure of a CacheMARA within a cluster only puts slightly more traffic on the remaining appliances. The users won't even notice any problems. With CacheMARA's unique hardware management features it is even able to continue serving requests in case some or all of the hard drives fail.

Combining several caches to a cache cluster improves performance and increases the total cache storage capacity. Requests that are misses in one of the caches may be hits in one of the neighbor caches. A cache can download the requested object from a neighbor much faster and without contacting the origin server on the Internet. This saves bandwidth and traffic and results in faster responses to the user.

Each ISP has its own infrastructure and needs, so the CacheMARA cluster will be especially tailored to your needs, preventing you from spending additional money on an over sized solution. CacheMARA is shipped as a scalable cluster of caches and allows arbitrary extension as your network is growing.

Easy and arbitrary cluster extension

CacheMARA's cluster management allows you to introduce new caches into your cluster as your network is growing. Existing appliances do not need to be replaced by larger and expensive single boxes.