VPN Gateway

BorderMARA provides full VPN gateway functionality to create secure Virtual Private Networks. On the basis of your preferences and requirements you can choose amongst the IPsec protocol and/or the SSL VPN solution OpenVPN to install your Virtual Private Network.

This alternative to an expensive leased line allows you to join your physical networks, distributed among multiple offices, using a securely encrypted tunnel inside your web traffic. This it what makes Virtual Private Networks unbeatable in terms of cost-performance ratio.

To ensure security, confidentiality and flexibility, our VPN solutions are equipped with the latest encryption technology such as AES and 3DES, and are totally integrated within the firewall.

Precisely adjustable firewall rules and routing allow exact specification of the allowed traffic inside your Virtual Private Network.

Additionally, both VPN solutions can provide remote access to your local networks for single hosts or your company's field staff, besides the capability to set up site-to-site connections to join whole networks.

To provide the highest possible level of interoperability, both X-509 certificates and pre-shared secrets can be used for authentication purposes.