Private Branch Exchange

BorderMARA offers a powerful, highly configurable Private Branch Exchange implementation. It supports various types of hardware for ISDN and Analog telephony as well as Voice over IP technologies like SIP and IAX2, giving you the opportunity to easily integrate BorderMARA in your existing telephone system or use it as a standalone system.

Free configurable Dialplans

You can configure an unlimited number of different dialplans containing an unlimited number of extensions. The BorderMARA PBX supports using patterns to match the dialed numbers. Already configured dialplans with different functions can be easily reused by grouping them together and use these dialplan groups with different devices. For example, one dialplan to place outbound calls and one for internal phones can be created. Now one phone can be configured with a group of both dialplans to enable it to place outbound and inbound calls and another phone can only be allowed to place inbound calls.

Callback system

Extensions can be configured to trigger a call from the PBX to your phone and provide you with a free-line signal. Before placing that call, users are authenticated by passwords. This gives you the opportunity to save costs for example by using Voice over IP peers on international calls.