Content Filter

WebFilter content filtering

MARA Systems' cache appliances are capable of caching ratings from WebFilter. With this unique technique, customers will build their own relevant, local database of commonly used URLs. This will dramatically increase the performance of the filtering solution. By having this feature in the customer's network, customers can save bandwidth consumed by the content filtering and dramatically increase performance of the content filtering. There is no faster, more accurate solution available.

Custom Policy Configuration

MARA Systems' integration with the WebFilter service allows the end-user to have the following features: Time-of-day filtering, overriding lists to create custom policies or override ratings coming from WebFilter and the ability to create multiple policies by user, IP address, user and IP groups, and/or locations.

Total Cost of Ownership

With MARA Systems' integrated solutions, customers will not have to spend extra money on additional hardware, premium group categories, or IT staff to make sure databases are downloaded properly. Our solution combines extensive caching along with WebFilter's superior content filtering engine which only requires a minimal support from your staff. Once the system is up and working, your IT staff can focus on other issues rather than downloading and maintaining rating databases. No other company can offer this fully featured, total solution at MARA Systems' price.

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