Anti-Virus Scanning

Protect your network from getting infected

Viruses and other malware remain a serious thread to each companies' network. Damage to servers and workstations lowers productivity and costs valuable administration time for fixing. Web-based malware can also cause embarrassment to the company if infected machines start to act as a gateway for undesired spam mails or spread the virus to business contacts. Therefore malware should be stopped before it infiltrates your network!

Performance & Scalability

The optional Anti-Virus module for WebMARA or BorderMARA protects your infrastructure and allows content to be scanned before it reaches the client and thus reduces the chances of a malware infection dramatically. The unique high-performance framework produces less scanning overhead than competing approaches based on ICAP. No additional appliances are necessary to protect your company. To provide a superior performance our Anti-Virus solution is multi-threaded and can use the existing hardware optimally, resulting in a cost-effective and environmentally efficient solution.

Deployment scenarios

The Anti-Virus module can be set up in two scenarios. The default scenario is a scan-once-serve-arbitrarily scenario. Content is scanned once, cached and delivered from cache for each subsequent request. The second scenario meets highest security standards by scanning each content before it is delivered to the client. Even cached content is rescanned before delivery to diminish the chance of malware in cached content due to delayed signature updates. Comprehensive log files keep you always up to date and inform you in case of virus/malware attacks.

The unique integration approach into the comprehensive HTTP proxy access rules allows you to direct traffic to the Anti-Virus scanner as fine grained as possible. By using this amazing framework creating arbitrary complex scenarios can be achieved with only little effort. The decision on which content to be scanned can be based on content type, magic file numbers (e.g. to detect images) and file size restrictions, among others. Signature updates can be scheduled as frequently as every five minutes to ensure highest security level. Besides many configuration options to customize your Anti-Virus setup to your needs, (compressed) archives can be scanned up to 99 layers.